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Theme Week: LeiLei!

Im SO last second but I havn't been on in a couple days and TOTALLY forgot!!

This is a severely disgruntled LeiLei. She was pissed in the scarf, she was pissed in the antlers... She was pissed. If she had a voice, it would be that of a stuck-up french woman. "Zeez humonz alwayz pull stupid shenaniganz wit me. I 'ate zem all."

Puppy Mills

So Joe was at Denny's this morning telling our friend Lala about the protesting that's been going on at Sierra Fish and Pet lately. Some lady overheard the conversation and said that A Place For Pets had to endure the same thing until they stopped selling their puppies. The sad thing is, even though these 2 stores get their puppies from an "agent" who shops local breeders for the pups they supply, they're still coming from puppy mills. Or at least APFP's puppies were. The puppies were the store's main source of income, and through some poking around I discovered they're most likely going to close because of it.

Joe sent me this ad from Craigslist in my email....

Help Educate People on Puppy Mills-Please Read
Reply to: comm-1018719944@craigslist.org
Date: 2009-02-03, 2:11AM

As many of you already know there have now been two puppy mill raids with more on the way, one in
Snohomish County and one in Skagit County. The details are horrific! Ironically, we launched our
PUPPY-STORE-FREE- WASHINGTON campaign on the same weekend!
After the amazing success of the PUPPY STORE FREE LA campaign,
we decided it was time for a change in the Northwest. (Check
out the LA campaign at Bestfriends.org) We will be conducting
peaceful protests at SIERRA FISH & PETS in Bellevue every
single weekend until they quit selling puppies! We would love
for you to join us and bring your friends! You don't need to
worry about anything. We have done this before, and we are
doing nothing illegal. We are just expressing our first
amendment rights and letting the public know that SIERRA FISH &
PETS sells puppy mill puppies, and PLEASE DON'T SHOP
THERE!!!!!!! We have signs and brochures, but you are welcome
to bring your own sign. (If you want to learn more about just
what a puppy mill is and how they have endured, or for
guidelines to what is appropriate to display on a sign, you can
go towww.Stoppuppymills.org which is a Humane Society website).
We hope you can join our campaign to stop the pain and suffering of those that "have no voice."

Join us from 11-2, every Saturday & Sunday

Sierra Fish & Pets
Loehman's Plaza
3710 Factoria Blvd.
Bellevue, WA 98006

It pisses me off that they'd much rather protest a small business that takes GREAT care of their puppies and customers, instead of Petco across the street. Who only cleans cages once a week, feeds their fish when they feel like it, and so on and so forth... Why don't they spend their time picketing that store?

Thought for the day again

The best thing i can say about Crisanna is that she's not a sadist. She's just a first-class son of a bitch.

The only other thing I can say is this....

She'll never have friends if she keeps lying to everyone about how cool she can be. Maybe if she straightens out her hair a bit more it'll help as well. LOL

AND NO I didn't read your blog. You're as transparent as glass, and not nearly as deep as you wish you could be.

My my...


It's murder to sit on now... I'm missing flesh.



The sweetest thing

"I'm your teddy bear, we're designed to be comforting."

I love you Joe... More than words.



I want to run away with you.
Drop everything and go.
Pack a bag with trivial items we think we need, but don't.
Leave to some beautiful place and watch the sun rise out of it's crevices.
You took me, all of me, and made me fly.
Broke the chains that have bore me down for centuries it seems.
You bring light to all of my thoughts.
Meaning to all of my secrets.
Warmth to my soul.
Love to my heart.
Caring to my being.
You make even the simplest things worth documenting.
In some forgotten scroll of parchment for historians to find.
For them to read, and redefine love with.
For them to wonder who we were to have lived so brightly.

You make me want to scream with felicity.

Sorry to do it...

I hate posting journals back to back, but I had to share my convo with Fuss-Dust about my new job....

cherryjester: you could have like a doggy day camp/ porn store
cherryjester: you could call it doggy style
cherryjester: and people would go in, thinking it's clothes for their dogs, but it's really just a place to leave your pet while you go out and fuck.

Read This

Here, I made this one public so you can read it without having to use a "secret" way.

I'm tired of your drama. Why can't you fucking move on and die already? What Joe and I talk about is exactly that, what Joe and I talk about. We don't talk about you on purpose, you just come up after some of your shenanigans. It's really fucking old that you can't come TALK TO ME like a fucking adult when you don't like something I've said... Like I said before, you're fucking scared of me.

I'm sorry you think I ruined your life. It's really too bad that you couldn't see around your own cloud of bullshit back when things first went south LAST FEBRUARY... But instead, you kept your head so far up your own ass you couldn't see the grave you were digging for yourself.

Now, undoubtedly, you sit at home alone every night. You could have moved on, fixed your shit, got on some pills, and straighten your hair out nearly a year ago!!! Why do you refuse to GROW THE FUCK UP and stop playing these immature bi-polar games? Harassing my boyfriend trying to make all your fuck-ups better only makes things worse. I'm surprised you haven't gotten that by now.

I'm inclined to keep talking about you just to piss you off. I think it's hilarious you go out of your way to find out what I'm saying about you. If you were REALLY over things like you say you are, you wouldn't have taken the time to HUNT THROUGH my myspace page to find my wordpress account... Cunt.

Fucking take some of that "good money" you make and buy a cake to stuff yourself with so you'll shut the fuck up...

This is Why I'm Hot

Here it is, 4am once again.

I was laying in bed since midnight trying to will myself to sleep. I did everything I could think of to force a trip to Lala-land, and as you can see… I had no luck. I don’t even know why I’m writting, but it seemed like the thing to do right now. I’ve got a wifbeater on and no pants. Bitty is laying next to me with her eyes shut and an extended paw resting on my thigh in a “don’t forget me” kind of way. I wish I could say my fish were sleeping next to me, but they’re gone…. Just an empty tank running with an increasing pile of crap on top of it.

Today was awesome. I got too see 3 friends and Joe! Kelli and I got together this morning and went shopping at the mall… I contemplated stopping in at Sephora to say hi to Nikki, but I didn’t feel confident in my attire for the day, so I opted no. Kelli and I were in Forever XXI looking for things to spend her gift card on… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a larger store full of clothing, and 2 floors of it might I add!! After shopping for an hour or so, we went to get Scott from work, and then Fuss from his house in Redmond…. And after one of the most ridiculously long commutes across the 520 bridge with 4 of us in the car bored with the music selection, we finally arrived at the house. After, of course, picking up sustainence and beverages. We all stuffed our faces with pizza for a while, visited with Al, then migrated to the concert that is Rock Band with surround sound in the living room. It was neat playing with so many people and taking turns…. The only person I’ve played with besides Lala and Joe is Sara and she’s not the most fun to play with. *shrug*

This blog is doing exactly what I hoped it would… I’ve yawned. Which means writing is boring my brain and soon I’ll be sleeping. yeeeeeessssssss………

The furnace can’t decide wether it’s turning on or not. It starts and stops, then starts again. It’s pissing me off, and I hate that I’m right next to it and that I’m so hot all the time. Makes me feel like a greasy pig.

Kelli, you should stop putting yourself down all the time when we hang. I have friends that are all different and original, and I enjoy them all in different ways as they bring out different parts of myself. I choose my friends to accent my personal traits, and if I didn’t like you, or thought you brought out bad qualities, I’d cut you like a fat chick from cheer squad.

Can I hear a “Y E A H” ?! *cheer step*

So yeah. You rock. And when someone says “I had a good time tonight with you guys” it doesn’t mean “yeah, Scott was way more fun to talk to but I’m glad you were there to breath air with us”. It means that YOU and Scott shared equally in the personal enjoyment of myself during the events that transpired at that time. :)

I have heartburn really bad and I’ve already eaten a couple fistfulls of Costco brand Tums. They help for about as long as the chalky texture/taste lasts in your mouth, then I’m back begging for the bottle again.

I got my first bunch of catalogs today for CDDC. Every time I think more and more about our plans for the store, I get goosebumps. And I only get goosebumps over things I’m REALLY stoked about…. So it’s a sign that I’m headed down the right career path. I flipped through a bunch of them and kept getting more excited about it all. I need to talk to my sister and find out about her student loans and see what I need to do to get myself into school again. I don’t want to be in school for 2 years, but I know getting a business AA is going to look beautiful on any application for a loan, and if the company falls through I have something that looks good on my resume!!

Joe told me tonight that Crisanna thinks I pretty much ruined her life. What-the-fuck-ever, okay? I apparently “ruined” Autumn’s life and now look… She’s living with her new girlfriend, happy and fat like nothing happened. People get over shit like this, Crisanna doesn’t. She clings, begs, cries, threatens, blackmails, cries more, pretends it’s all better, says she hates Joe, and then 2 weeks later offers to pay his phone bill. Fucking bullshit.

Alright, I think I’m done. I havn’t come up with anything else to add, and i might just not stop on the last paragraph about Crisanna if I dont wrap this up now.


Its like my face doesn't know when we're done having feelings... Like a poor light board operator at a theater.

You can cut the waterworks now.